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We are delighted to be exclusive agent with AMX for India, it is a pleasure working with the soonest team.

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We are pound of this excludsive supemarket in Trinidad and Tobago for AMX.

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We have beening working with AMX for a long time. For participat trip, we have a lot of things together, like business, friendship and trust.

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Dear AMX family, I wish you in new year good health, happniss and a lot of monry

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We are very pound of have such products from China

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Number1: The ventilation system is too luxury for ordinary people.

Wrong! The ventilation fan supplier is actually selected based on the size of the house, it will calculated according to the different needs of the air flows in different houses, it will averagely cost around 5000RMB-2000RMB. If you choose the ventilation system with large air flow, the ventilation efficiency will be much better than to choose a lower air flow ventilation system, but, in order to not waist the energy, it is very necessary to calculate the precise air flow that you need.

For example: The size of the hose is S=80 square meter.
Height h=2.6m
Ventilate times p=1.5 times/h


The Fresh air will be the size of the house multiply the height of the house and multiply with the ventilate times.

So it will be Q=S*H*P=80*2.6*1.5= 312m3/h

We could customize the ventilation fan according to the actual needs of the house, so the cost will be also flexible.

Number 2 : It is too complicated to install the ventilation system.

If it is a new house and you are having decorations, it will be a good choice to choose central ventilation system, and hide it under the ceilings, this will save a lot of space and not affect the decoration. However, if you already had the decoration for the roof, don’t worry, the cabinet ventilator and wall mounted ventilator will ensure the fresh air for your house.The installation will be much easier.

Number 3. A perfect air environment won’t need the ventilation system.

The ventilation system has two treatment process, one is for inlet air, the other is for outlet air, with the help of these two systems, it will form a fresh air flowing field, it will filter the inlet air and reject the polluted indoor air.Moreover, even the air quality is perfect, but you will still can not keep your windows open for all day.But, with the help of this ventilation system, it will help you by not only refresh your house even it is sealed, but also reject the polluted air to outside.

Number 4. The ventilation system is only effective in Autumn/Winter.Technically speaking, the haze weather sure is happened more often in Autumn and Winter, but fact, for Spring and Summer, the ventilation system is also very necessary, because in Spring, the warm weather will breed a lot of germs and pollen, for Summer, people will stay in house with air conditions more often, so this brings the needs of more fresh air, in this case, the ventilation system is also very necessary in all seasons.

Number 5. How to decrease the methanal in decoration materials.
Yep, that’s right, nowadays, the decoration materials are full of methanal, and it will slowly release for 15 to 20 years, however, the ventilation fan is not only working on purifying the incoming air, but also reject the polluted air from indoor. Under this condition, the ventilation system can continuously ventilate the air from indoor and outdoor, to make the house breath in the fresh air and breath out the methanal.

Number 6. The higher efficient filter, the better purification.Technically yes, a perfect ventilation system must equipped the high efficient filter, and it should be HEPAH12 at least or even higher level, it is very necessary for every type pf the filter, the pre-filter can catch the big or mid size particles to enlarge the service life for other filters, the active carbon can catch the smells and other harmful gases, the high efficient filter can catch the tiny particles like PM2.5, these filters are working together like an integral whole, without the help of the pre-filter, the high efficient filter will be stuck easily, without the help of the active carbon filter, the smells will enter the house easily. So, in the other words, all the filters are very important to the ventilation system.

Number 7. Extremely searching for 0 rate of PM2.5.
The ventilation system is like a lung of the house, there will be complicated calculations and needs for different people, it can’t be defined just according to the rates. For example, some people are install the ventilation system by unprofessional workers, which makes the design of the air inlet and air outlet are unreasonable, the inlet fresh air are directly reject to outdoor and not ventilate well, so even the PM2.5 rate is much lower, the real effect for house is not satisfied, don’t follow the rate extremely.

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